After the Jubilation – A Cinematic Search for Traces in the Early 1990s // German movies with English subtitles

By: Cinémathèque Leipzig Culture

Starts at 12:00am on Friday 9th October 2020 // Ends at 12:00am on Tuesday 13th October 2020


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of German Unity, the Hannah Arendt Institute is organizing the film series "Nach dem Jubel - Eine filmische Spurensuche in den frühen 1990er Jahren" (After the Jubilee - A Cinematic Search for Traces in the Early 1990s). The program focuses on the social upheavals of the early 1990s. Between a mood of departure, resignation and permanent change, this phase appears as a time full of contradictions. Hopes and disappointments went hand in hand. The consequences of reunification, which are currently once again increasingly in the public eye, were already being critically reflected upon by directors at the time. Skeptical and restrained looks were in the foreground. After the jubilation, it seems that disillusionment predominated, especially in the East. But the social changes were also reflected in comedies and genre films. Various documentaries offer an unfiltered look at problems such as mass unemployment and right-wing radicalism.

The films in the series use various cinematic means to provide insights into the lived realities at the time. Silmultaneously, they raise important questions that reach into the present: What role did the cinematic staging of the East play in the all-German discourse? Were stereotypes that still have an effect today already formed then?

The series was created in cooperation with the Programmkino Ost (Dresden) and the Cinémathèque Leipzig and is supported by the "Stiftung Aufarbeitung" as part of the support program "30 Years of German Unity". Introduction and moderation: Andreas Kötzing


Whenever possible, we present the films in the original German version with English subtitles!
More information (with detailed film description in English):


Fri 9.10.
7pm HERZSPRUNG (BRD 1992, 89 min, director: Helke Misselwitz, German with English subtitles)
guest: Helke Misselwitz
10pm OSTKREUZ (BRD 1991, 81 min, director: Michael Klier, German with English subtitles)
with introduction

Mon 12.10.
7pm NIE WIEDER SCHLAFEN (BRD 1992, 92 min, Director: Pia Frankenberg, German with English subtitles)
guest: Pia Frankenberg
10pm WIR KÖNNEN AUCH ANDERS (FRG 1992/93, 87 min, Director: Detlev Buck, German Original Version)
with introduction

Tue 13.10.
7pm GRAUGUSS (BRD 1991, documentary, 30 min, directors: Peter Badel, Dieter Chill, Roman Gustke, German Original Version)
guest: Dieter Chill
22.00 DAS DEUTSCHE KETTENSÄGENMASSAKER (BRD 1990, 63 min, Director: Christoph Schlingensief, 35mm, German Original Version)
with introduction


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6,50 € / 5,00 € (reduced) / 3,00 € (Leipzig-Pass)

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