Art-thinking & Social systems: Lab for aesthetic social research

By: Pedro Henrique Risse Culture

Starts at 2:00pm on Saturday 19th September 2020 // Ends at 6:00pm on Saturday 14th November 2020

19.09 & 10.10 at Tanz-Zentrale Studio 2
24.10 at Die Villa Leipzig, Kleinsaal
14.11 (place to be defined)

This Lab-format is a combination of a workshop series and an interdisciplinary platform for people interested on experimenting together how to apply artistic methods to social, pedagogical and political contexts.
At the center of the investigation is the relationship of the individual to the social.
The invitation is for all that would like to engage in an embodied research and to exercise collaborative thinking and acting.
The artist Pedro Henrique Risse, as the facilitator of this lab-format, will offer a broad repertory of methods coming from improvisation, somatics, performance, participatory art; ethnographic and phenomenological approaches and create a space where the participants can collaboratively develop interventions to apply these tools to a specific context or situation.
Through exercises and experiential formats that support collective creative processes, we investigate the emergence of shared meaning in social systems.
Thinking together is understood as cohabitating. Art-thinking allows us approaching social systems in its complexity.

Donations are welcomed (the suggestion is between 5€-25€).
If you want to participate, please register and tell me something about you on:

This project is funded by the Kleinprojektförderung of Leipzig‘s Kulturamt.