Interim financial aids for students by German government

By: LeipGlo Team Information

Are you a student and in financial trouble due to Corona? Did you lose your student job or have other financial difficulties caused by the necessary measures to limit the global and local spread of Covid-19?

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) offers up to 500,00 Euro per student per month that will NOT HAVE TO BE PAID BACK! This applies to any student registered at a German university and will be granted to both Germand and FOREIGN NATIONALS!

You have to prove that you are in need of financial support, applications should be relatively unbureaucratic.

Apply here from today, Tuesday, June 16th, 12 p.m. (Toggle the switch in the top right corner for an English version.)

The amount of applications could be high, servers could be overwhelmed, please have patience.

Did you apply already? We would be grateful to hear your feedback (was it easy, which information did you have to supply and were you granted the money?). Please don't hesitate to write us at Thanks!