Cocktail Open Mic: Lockdown Series

By: Ana Beatriz Ribeiro Culture

While the Covid-19 lockdown in Germany is winding down, big cultural events in Leipzig like the Cocktail Open Mic at Baileo Tanzpassion - where between 50 and 100 people tend to congregate - are still not possible. Especially not without masks. But we can take our masks off and sing or recite or dance or simply hang out all together virtually. Just tune in to the Cocktail Open Mic channel on Facebook on June 5th at 8 p.m. for the live premiere. Or even better - submit a video yourself AND THEN tune in: SIGN-UP FORM ** VIDEO UPLOAD

That's what we did for Cocktail Open Mic Vol. 12, the first lockdown edition, in April 2020. 

Cocktail Open Mic host Peter Seaton-Clark

Despite the social distancing rules preventing the event from taking place offline, our intrepid host Peter Seaton-Clark and performers did not let their spirits get dampened. Everyone who participated contributed something special from their own spaces: Guitar and piano players, poets, a cocktail whiz with his mouth-watering recipe, and this time also visual artists who took advantage of the virtual medium and displayed unbridled creativity to the audience watching live on social media. Even a surprise collective number - in the style of the crop of virtual music concerts by homebound celebrities - graced the "airwaves."